Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mr & Mrs Chan's Wedding

AYBG during our busy time promoting at Tutong Carnival had to prepare for One chinese couple's wedding at Chung Hua Middle School. No matter how busy we were during that weekend, our lady boss always have time to be there inspecting our work. Here's what we did on Friday 04th dec 2009.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AYBG & Reyn Touch

Zaty - the 2nd day of AYBG Tutong Carnival - a combination of Yani and Reyn's touch

AYBG at Tutong Carnival

AYBG invited Reyn from Reyn Touch for a make over course / training session while promoting our existence during the 3 days exhibition at Tutong Carnival. It was a great pleasure to have him there. Thank you to Nina and Zati from Duan Danysha Photography, Ros and Jusrina from Jazmi Mubarah Enterprise for being so supportive becoming our make up model for those 3 days.

Ros before her make up - by Reyn from Reyn Touch
Ros - After
Zaty - Before by Yani from AYBG
Nina - Before by Reyn from Reyn Touch

Zaty by Yani from AYBG (in white dress)


Nina by Reyn from Reyn Touch (in grey dress)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More of AYBG at Tutong Carnival

Mas - AYBG's PA by Yani
Jusrina from Jazmi Mubarah - before
Jusrina - After by Reyn
Gem from AYBG - by Reyn

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Abby's Grand Receiption

Location : Riveview Hotel, Gadong
The Groom is "Rano Karno" look alike.. hehe

Coba liat? apa ngak bener? ...Abby, dare to try new style .. and she's very easy to work with

The welcoming entrance

Finally, the Pelamin, another special request by the Bride

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two hearts becomes ONE!

Their pelamin .. picture taken during their wedding day.

Two different culture, ONE big heart.
The combination of Brunei malays and Indonesian
makes it beautiful and unique.

Ranie Angia happily married to Mr Masreman.
May Allah bless you both and be happy forever.

Pictures of their Hantaran will be posted soon. Pretty busy preparing stuffs.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beautiful Couple Starting Their Journey ....

Entrance to the Ballroom where the Grand Wedding of
Hj Bujang Abas & Hartinie Ahmad Jawawi took place
on Sunday 21st June 2009

Stairway to the Ballroom

The decorated walkway to their Pelamin

Pelamin Cinta Bersemi

Finally, two hearts became ONE.

Look how in love this couple are.

Hartinie, during her Majlis Berbedak at the bride's residence.

Hartinie patiently awaits for her dream guy to arrive.

The love bird's nest. As white as snow.

Pelamin Orkid at the Bride's residence for her Majlis Berbedak & Nikah.

Her Gifts by AYBG

All the above are from Hartinie@ Adek to aming