Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Bridal Gallery

We are proud to present, The Zirconian. Beautiful american diamond. Recently worn by Azimah Raub last sunday 10.08.08. Complimentary from AYBG for her sister's recent support. She looked stunning, doesnt she? However, she did not wear the Tiara. Only the necklace and the bracelet.

While nono, picture right below,(diney, i got her pic from u, sorry!) worn the entire set on her wedding day. Her make up was done by an indonesian make up artist.

Nono's pelamin by us.

Another from us, for a groom at Sg Teraban, Syamsul Kaderi.

AYBG Make up Artist

Hjh Zunaidah before (for her nikah day)


Umi Before

Umi After ( For Her indian custom)

Umi for her cake cutting and dinner nite
Noni got 3 persons to make her up. This ones by Nuning (you can get her at her salon Bumiputera KB)
Noni by AYBG

Caron (The gallery's temp-assistant) hehehe...

Suti for her make up trial ....

Almost after ... jeng jeng jeng... we have to stop here.. the outcome will be for her wedding day

Camera Guy

Shafique always loves taking pictures. He would take anything, anywhere. Sometimes we wonder if he's really into photographing. Whatever he plans to be, we'll always support him. For now, he really shows his inerests in photographing. I have lots of photographer friends. I've talked to them if they can help him with their tips.

Tunggu tah if he comes back for his school holidays. He's having his Form 5 exam this year. Can't do much right now.
Abg Shaf, if you are reading this, Bapa got his D80 already. You can keep your D40 to yourself. This two guys likes to fight who gets to keep the Camera. wink* wink* Psst.. we all misses u here...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Iron Lady of Ami-Yani

Let us introduce the person who has worked so hard to make it all happens. My husband's transfer to bandar wasnt expected to us. We were not ready for it either. But duty calls. One has to sacrificed. With his transfer, i was almost left alone dealing with the renovation work, the unpacking of our imported stuffs, decorating of the gallery. Preparing with the paper works, interviewing candidates and so forth.

Luckily my long time soulmate were always around. Masuriyanti Ibrahim. Can call her mas or yanti. She's working with the giant Oil Company. Busy with work, life and her two children, she managed to give her time to help me out at the gallery. We've worked through days and nights, cleaning, arranging, etc.

We both had to dismantle the rented pelamins and later put back up again. Screws, ladder and cable wires are no stanger to us. ;-) Well, that was then, now the gallery has it own Indonesian driver and worker. We can lay off a bit. Decorating will still be our main role.

Introductions ...

Ami-Yani is a combination of Suhaimi (Ami) and Suriani (Yani). The gallery was our inspiration and it was properly and strategically planned in order to serve comfortably for the Kb'ians. We wanted to make couple's dream wedding affordable.

We made a great combination and each of our strength made it all happens too. With my loving and supportive husband's taking care of the financial, myself mananging the gallery and my bestmate, Mas handles our staffs and marketing.

We initially started the business end of April after launching our soft opening with a Doa Selamat. It was difficult to find a suitable candidate to work for us. So, for a week the gallery was closed. A young vibrant girl named Nono started working. 2 weeks later along came my other staff, Fifie. For a month, our gallery was perfectly running smoothly with the help of these two young ladies.

By first week of June, Nono had to take her long leave to prepare for her own wedding. Ironically, these couple only rent their pelamins from our gallery. While their full wedding attire had to be custom-made. One of them is allergic to the Songket.

Another young lady named Diyana came onboard when Nono left us. A problem we had to deal employing the locals. ;-) So much with the unnecessary things to deal with, our Gallery went on and getting pretty hectic and busy almost every weekend.

Today comes August, a month of no rest. ;-)