Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ami-Yani Bridal Gallery & Dressmaking's Half year 2010

Honestly, im not satisfied with this trial make up ... she's my baby sister, dnt worry ... i purposely swap her false eye lashes .. and that's why it looks weird ... ehhehe
Well, ... this pelamin kureng bunga ... I sent my staffs back to the place and re-touch ... cover the hole and add 2 big vase of red flowers
Simple pelamin for the budget concious .. this one's cost $250 only! But hey! Look at the bunga on top of the background?!! They're goin back to that house ... thats a definite ...
Canopy cuci kaki at Tutong Serambangun Hall .. due to the hot weather ...

The walkway at Tutong Serambangun Hall, sorry we forgot to arrange that kain (if u notice) before taking this picture ..
This is what we did recently .. at Tutong Serambangun Hall ... the cushion in front of the pelamin are for the "Adat Menuang Beras"
All this pictures taken for the sake of checking (inspecting) our mistakes, for example the Tiang Bunga yg sebelah kiri tu ... and bunga2 yg sebelah atas pelamin ... after that .. it's perfect ..
Hmm ... wat's here then? Also the flowers on the top part?

Hmm .. this one's definitely not rite ... the leaves bgian pentas and the bunga atas background pelamin .. my staffs seems to have that similar problem anywhere ... btw this is me, Yani narrating ... myself ... and i hope they did not forget to take off the plastic from the chairs
This one's better .. unlike before .. Yani pun pengsan mliat .. ;-)

Simple and White ...But this is what's requested

Its been awhile. Sorry for not updating as frequent as before. Our weekly schedule were packed and there were times when we forgot to take pictures of some Pelamins. Here are some of what we took from our albums.

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maricel said...

nice job of all staff of this amiyani bridal gallery...keep up the good works....god bless.....