Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dewan SMSA Wedding

Deco by AYBG

The Pelamin for Mr Daniel Latif and Ms Ayu

The walkway, they were the first one we made this way

Top table for Bride & Groom and both parents and parents-in-law

Here we are ... the newly wed .. happy couple ....
always laughing and smiling


Ayu .. sesuai namanya n orgnya .. MUA - Yani of AYBG

The hardwork pays .. by AYBG team
(not in the photo - Nanang)

Pelamin - AYBG
Make UP Artist - Yani AYBG
Car - Groom's brother
Bride & Groom's attire - AYBG
Accessories of both Bride & Groom - AYBG

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